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July 5, 2012

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July 5, 2012

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April 16, 2012

Java Programming 2

The course moves along the understanding of programming skills from Programming 1, the aim is to design an interactive application with a graphic user interface (GUI), with knowledge of polymorphism abstract classes, interfaces, events handling, applets, user libraries, library practical application. Further students continue by the comparative way in getting acquainted in C language on the base of Java language, dynamic memory management, students are able to analyze the simple programs in C language.

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  • Week 1 Inheritance, Abstract Methods and Classes
  • Week 2 Polymorphism, Interface, Enum Types
  • Week 3 Graphical User Interfaces, Swing
  • Week 4 Event Listeners
  • Week 5 Custom Painting, Applets, Exceptions
  • Week 6 Java Collections Framework
  • Week 7 JDBC Database Access
  • Week 8 Threads, Concurrency, Custom Networking
  • Week 9 Basics of C Programming
  • Week 10 C Arrays, Strings
  • Week 11 C Pointers, Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Week 12 C Struct, Union, Enum
  • Week 13 Java Native Interface
  • Week 14 Term Work Submission Deadline