What is webometrics?

Webometrics is a scientific discipline that studies the quantitative aspects of information sources and their use. In other words, webometrics try to measure the World Wide Web, analyses technology usage and allows us a simple content analysis. As Figure 1 shows, webometrics is affected by many scientific disciplines:

  • Bibliometrics – is the quantitative analysis of documents in scientific communication; the documents reflect the state of scientific knowledge.
  • Cybermetrics – is the quantitative research of information sources, structures and technologies on the Internet; a study of discussion groups, email communication, etc.
  • Informetrics – is focused on the information stream in networks and demonstrates on the basis of mathematical and statistical methods a variety of relations between them.
  • Scientometrics – is focused on the evaluation of efficiency of scientific-research or individual researchers by citation counts.

Webometrics is affected by many scientific disciplines.

Figure 1: The interrelation of webometrics and bibliometrics, cybermetrics, informetrics and scientometrics.

Nevertheless, webometrics is primarily based on informetric and bibliometric approaches. The information sources that are studied by webometrics are web documents.

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